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Tours Rotterdam Group Travel shows Rotterdam Tours for tourists, corporate visitors and incentive travellers. These tours offer a great opportunity to explore Rotterdam. Check out some of our popular tours below. Are you looking for something else? Contact us and we create a tour especially for you!

GO-Dutch Rotterdam Harbour

GO Rotterdam Harbour Tour
GO Rotterdam Harbour Tour: take a water taxi, make a harbour tour with Spido, or head into the water on an amphibian bus with Splashtours!
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GO Rotterdam-Culture GO DutchTravel

GO Rotterdam Culture Tour
Join the GO Rotterdam Culture Tour and visit one of the many exhibitions in the Boymans van Beuningen and Kunsthal. Enjoy!
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GO Rotterdam-Local GO Dutch Travel

GO Local Rotterdam
GO Local Rotterdam gives a great impression of the life of a Rotterdam citizen. Join this tour and bike, drink and eat like a real Rotterdammer!
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GO Rotterdam Tours GO Dutch Travel

GO Rotterdam Skyline

GO Rotterdam Skyline shows you the beautiful skyline of the city, takes you up the Euromast and over the design bridges. Make sure to bring your camera!
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GO Rotterdam Food Tour GO Dutch Travel

GO Food Rotterdam

GO Rotterdam Food is for food lovers. From Michelin-starred restaurants to street food. From Mediterranean restaurants to Caribbean diners. Yum!
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GO Rotterdam Shopping GO Dutch Travel

GO Shopping Rotterdam

GO Shopping Rotterdam takes you to the center with a mix of unique shops of local designers and luxury department stores where exclusive brands are sold!
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Go Dutch Rotterdam Zomercarnaval

GO Rotterdam Festival

GO Rotterdam Festival. Rotterdam is home to festivals such as the swinging Zomercarnaval (Summer Carnival), the North Sea Jazz Festival and the International Film Festival Rotterdam

GO Local Rotterdam Tour

GO Rotterdam-Local GO Dutch Travel

GO Rotterdam Food

GO Rotterdam Culture Tour Markthal Rotterdam Architectuur binnenrotte highlight landmark Laurenskwartier markt Markthal restaurant winkelen GO Dutchetracel Rotterdam

Rotterdam Incoming

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