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Sightseeing Holland

Sightseeing in Holland is a great way to explore the best Holland has to offer. For every type of visitor there are interesting sights to discover. GO DutchTravel shows some of its favourites. Book your guide services and transfers to the sights.

Holland Museums

GO Dutch Travel Rijksmuseum

Location: Amsterdam
Description: 800 years of Dutch history
Visitors: all art lovers
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GO Dutch Travel Van Gogh

Van Gogh Museum
Location: Amsterdam
Description: Van Gogh paintings e.g. sunflowers
Visitors: Van Gogh fans
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GO Dutch_Boijmans_Van_Beuningen

Boymans van Beuningen
Location: Rotterdam
Description: from early Middle Ages to the 21st century, from Bosch, Rembrandt and Van Gogh to Dalí.
Visitors: all art lovers
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Shopping Holland

Tulpen in Holland GO Dutchtravel velden mix

Roermond Outlet
Location: Roermond, southern Holland
Description: Over 200 brands in more than 120 stores
Visitors: exclusive brand discounts
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GO Dutch Travel shopping

9 Straatjes Amsterdam
Location: Amsterdam
Description: boutique shops in canal streets
Visitors: original boutique fans
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GO Local Amsterdam

Shopping in Utrecht
Location: Utrecht citycenter
Description: trendy fashion & urban hotspots
Visitors: shop fanatics who like to discover center
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GO foodhallen Amsterdam West Go Dutch Travel

Hotels Amsterdam Group Travel

GO Dutch travel amsterdam city hotel

Amsterdam City Group Travel

Amsterdam incoming GO Dutch Travel

Activities Amsterdam Group Travel

GO Dutch Activities Amsterdam Group Travel

Typical Dutch villages


Fishermen’s village close to Amsterdam

GO Dutch tip: walk over the “dijk” and taste the fantastic fresh fish!


Beautiful water village:

GO Dutch tip: discover the village by boat


World famous for its Gouda cheese and delicious syrup waffles

Go Dutch tip: after the cheese market try the amazing stroopwafels. Watch out! It is addictive..

Dutch Restaurants


Michelin star restaurant located inside the Rijksmuseum

Quality, authenticity and uniqueness translated to: the kitchen, the chefs, the interior and the location.

Book Rijks through GO Dutch Travel now!

Haesje Claes

Haesje Claes is a typical and authentic Amsterdam restaurant

Book Haesje Claes through GO Dutch Travel now!

Theme parks

Holland sightseeing becomes a lot of fun when you include a visit to one of the attractive theme parks.


This fairytale theme park is fun for young and old visitors! Book now


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